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Commodity 360 Plus - Commodity

The product exclusively designed to understand the common investment pitfalls and how to diversify one’s portfolio and how to invest in the most popular commodities counters.

No wise pilot, no matter how great is his talent and experience, fails to use his checklist.

How Do We Select The Stock?

Stock Selection Perspective

We combine best of both, fundamental and technical research methodologies to generate time specific reward based strategies in MCX.

Stages Of Analysis
Stock Selection Methodology
  • US crude and products inventories
  • Global geopolitics
  • Speculative buying and selling
  • Weather conditions
  • World macroeconomic factors, such as movement in the dollar and interest rate, and economic events
  • Analysis on charts of different time frames
  • Active monitoring and back-testing of strategies

Key Features

  • To enroll for this module, minimum capital requirement is Rupees 5 lakh. Please do not take subscription if the minimum capital requirement does not match with your investment capacity.
  • There are no guaranteed returns ,though one can anticipate between 5% to 7% ROI on a monthly basis subject to market sentiments.
  • We follow 1:2 as our risk to reward ratio.
  • To diminish the risk of intraday in commodities, we give you an exposure of swing, BTST, STBT, intraday and positional holdings.
  • Members with high risk appetite can choose this membership package.
  • To uplift our benchmark we consistently maintain track sheet, keeping a record of all recommendations with significant rationale.


Half Yearly Rs. 55,000/- Payment
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Process of Selecting stocks

Key Stock Selection Characteristics

Concentrate largely on Data analyse, global announcements, demand - supply chain, inflation.

strong trend based recommendations

to be readily available at the right bid and ask points

strive to attain short execution time

Key Feature


The credibility and effectiveness of our research mechanisms would rest on how well the price movement is forecasted in terms of commodity market fundamentals and how closely the moving target zone could be designed and implemented to reflect such an evolution of fundamentals.

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