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Earnings reports, pre-announcements Earnings surprises, Mergers/acquisitions, Alliance, product releases.


Theories of J. Welles Wilder, EMA length 50, Historic analysis of price fluctuations, Patterns, indicators.

Macro & Micro
Economic Analysis

FDA approval/disapproval, export import policies, RBI policies, fluctuations in GDP, repo rate, change in taxation·

Open Interest And
Volume Analysis

Trend analysis using histogram, seasonal moves, volume versus chart and divergence.

Option Chain

keeping a track of previous closing price, net change, bid and ask columns to interpret current market state.

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With the swift globalization, it is apparent that coherent analysis and strategic planning majorly help model financial markets. Technical and fundamental researches, two very different yet effectual techniques, are the path to describe the stochastic processes. Data and macroeconomic analysis bases its predictions taking into consideration the essence of time and maximize the profit potential in given set of conditions.

I at ayushichky.com place myself as an Investment Advisor furnishing investment ideas to retail investors , High Net Worth Individuals and other financial firms.

My aim is to combine both technical and fundamental study along with the strength of behavioural finance, thereby mapping opportunities for traders and investors alike. It covers:

  • Global Market Analysis that explores the tangents and set up of stock exchanges on a given day.
  • Research on varied parameters including early earning report, financial valuation of the respective stock, open interest and volume analysis using histograms.
  • Proposing investment and trade opportunities in the emerging market to the Clients. Distribution of compiled information, entry points, exit points and execution level during the market hours.