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About Us


With the swift globalization, it is apparent that coherent analysis and strategic planning majorly help model financial markets. Technical and fundamental researches, two very different yet effectual techniques, are the path to describe the stochastic processes. Data and macroeconomic analysis bases its predictions taking into consideration the essence of time and maximize the profit potential in given set of conditions.

I at ayushichky.com place myself as an Investment Advisor furnishing investment ideas to retail investors , High Net Worth Individuals and other financial firms.

My aim is to combine both technical and fundamental study along with the strength of behavioural finance, thereby mapping opportunities for traders and investors alike. It covers:

  • Global Market Analysis that explores the tangents and set up of stock exchanges on a given day.
  • Research on varied parameters including early earning report, financial valuation of the respective stock, open interest and volume analysis using histograms.
  • Proposing investment and trade opportunities in the emerging market to the Clients. Distribution of compiled information, entry points, exit points and execution level during the market hours.

We Take Care Of Your Full Fledged G.R.O.W.T.H.!


Glorious Experience

Starting off as an educators, My experience in the industry is based upon a strong foundation. My principles are driven from the divine motive of edifying the connected ones along with providing the apt recommendation.

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Research Exactitude

I sit with an open eye throughout the trading session, I aim go that extra mile so that my audience can count on me for their positions and crystal clear market view.

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Objective Product Design

My Products are designed considering investors with low risk appetite to high risk appetite. I precisely focus on the investment objective of a client and the expected time span to meet their rational dreams with a fairy acceptable cost.

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Widespread Niches

I have conveniently filled the voids in this industry, my contemporaries are still struggling with, leading to a strong, stable and widely spread Niches.

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Technology driven

I am technology enthusiast and work hard on constructing nonpareil results. Technological implementations in my deliveries update from time to time, give a better platform to my audience.

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Helpful Client Support

I understand the trading and investment leads to all the queries. I personally take queries and deal grievances of the client cordiality, and give them a room of expression and take required measures with prime concern.


To inspire and nurture the spirit of stock exchange in every Indian through step by step education of wealth generation and sustainable economic growth.


To change the perspective of current and potential investors towards the market and make them look at it as more of a scientific horizon than luck-based gambling..

Investment Objective, Risk Management, Diversification key to systematic investment


Ayushi Chauksey is a strategizing investment planner, who has spent years comprehending an industry wide shift in financial planning and risk management, shaping herself into a people consultant. Besides being a SEBI certified investment advisor with interest in Indian capital market, She holds a Masters In Finance and Human Resources and has Graduated in management studies from University of Mumbai. She is a fervent swimmer and every so often chooses to go for a plunge. A believer of cognition, she devises individualistic strategies to develop research methodologies aiding to stock picking.

Embarking with portfolio consultation has rendered her with the acquisition of solid professional relationships with retail investors, fidelity to clients and foster perpetual success. All along her career path, she has efficiently collaborated with her compeers and interacted with investors. Accelerating from finance, compliance and strategic campaigns to human resources, she has ample competence.

In the course of time, she has escalated her brands product line to include robust collection of portfolio diversification tools to interpret the investment objective of multiple-asset class. She feels immensely privileged to have an efficacious and passionate team backing her root out the barricades to triumph.