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This product works on investing for long term. Rebalancing, shuffling and adding stocks based on macro and micro economic factors. It is best suited for those whose can’t participate actively during market hours on a day on day basis.

Never depend on a single income, make an investment to create a second source.

How Do I Select A Stock?

Stock Selection Perspective

I focus on diversifying investment dedicated to the product on the basis of sector analysis, suggest an asset allocation plan. Stocks I choose are driven from the best rating agencies reports, financial statements and management speeches. I keep a thorough check on peer’s comparison and industry analysis before recommending any stock.

Stages Of Analysis

Stock Selection Methodology

Study company dynamics, its functions in favourable economics scenarios. How does the company and its stakeholders drive company’s management, handle the contingencies and money crisis. I put all my scrutinized stock under the light of all such factors to find the most promising stock justifying its future growth.

Key Features

  • To enroll for this module, minimum capital requirement is Rupees 8 lakh. Please do not take subscription if the minimum capital requirement does not match with your investment capacity.
  • There are no guaranteed returns, though one can anticipate between 2% to 3% ROI on a month on month basis and is subject to market sentiments.
  • I follow 1:2 as our risk to reward ratio.
  • Tenure of holdings may range between 1 year to 3 year.
  • To optimise the investment I following the concept of rebalancing wherever needed.
  • This membership is suitable for members having low/conservative risk appetite.
  • To uplift the benchmark I consistently maintain track sheet, keeping a record of all recommendations with significant rationale.


Duration Fee
6 months 60,000 inclusive of 18% gst
12 months 98,000 inclusive of 18% gst
I have read the Disclosure
Process of Selecting stocks

Key Stock Selection Characteristics

Concentrate largely on mid cap, large caps stocks with high liquidity

strong trend based recommendations

to be readily available at the right bid and ask points

strive to attain short execution time

Key Feature


Investment in multibagger can be treated as a safe investment option but systematic diversification of stock fund and risk management is the key to best practises. I keep an eye on the fundamentally strong scripts that may give rewarding returns in the long term. Sound technical data points are inevitable; I track the most voluminous stocks raring for a significant move up or down.

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